What is consignment?

Consignment takes all of the hard work out of trying to sell your recreational product. Our salesmen do all of the work selling it for the price that you choose. Your only responsibility is deciding what you want to do with the extra cash in your pocket.

How do you guarantee that people are going to see my product?

One of the most important factors in selling any item is exposing it to the most amount of people possible. We take this very seriously at Riverview Sports and Marine, which is why we advertise locally, regionally, and nationally using multiple platforms.

What if I don't know exactly how much my product is worth?

When you list your product with us we will inspect it and recommend what should be done to maximize its marketability. We then will show you various book values, and comparable listings in order to correctly price it so that it sells quickly.

What is the fee to have you sell my product?

Since each individual sale is different the fee can vary, but generally it is 15%.

So how do I start this process?

Starting the consignment process is as easy as calling 763-441-1799 and asking for a salesman. They will be able to answer any questions that you have.